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Do you ever feel like you need professional help making a decision concerning your horse? Melanie can help you, like she has helped many others before.  She can consult you on proper management of your horse or even watch them run, travel and evaluate mechanics to give you her professional opinion on what action to take with your horse before paying an expensive Vet bill. 


Contact us at (951) 760-0766

Buying a horse:

Which horse is right for me?

What do I look for when looking for a horse?

How much training should my new horse have to be safe for me?

How much money should I have to spend on a nice horse?

Selling a horse:

What is my horse worth?

How do I sell my horse?

What is the best way to market my horse?

How do I find the right buyer?

Equine Facilities:

How big should my arena be?

What kind of footing should it have?

What kind of equipment do I need to keep my ground in good condition?


What kind of bit should I use for my horse?

What kind of saddle do I need?

What is the mostly recommended saddle pad?

Equine Nutrition:

What kind of feed should my horse get?

what type of supplements should I feed?

Is my horse to fat?

Is my horse to skinny?

Is my horse in the proper condition for what I want to do?

Equine Care:

How do I find a good horse shoer near me?

How do I know if my horse shoer is doing a good job?

How do I find a good veterinarian near me?

How do I know if my veterinarian is doing a good job?