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Performance Therapy


 Is your horse having issues you don't know how to treat or don't have the time to get it all corrected? Melanie will do a complete assessment, find issues, then teach you what to do to treat the issues or take your horse for treatments at her facility and if the issue is outside her scope of practice. i.e....Veterinary, Chiropractic, Farrier, etc. she will put you on the right path to getting it corrected. Melanie has a huge network of trusted associates that she depends on daily for her own performance needs.

Melanie is an established and trusted equine specialist who has worked with performance horses for over 20 years. She has a gift for discovering issues and getting to the root of the problem.

She specializes in equine rehabilitation, physical therapy, performance enhancement, and preventative care. She is also a rider and trainer that has experience in multiple disciplines and understands the physical demands and challenges are different for each horse. Her current clients range from upper level dressage to competitive hunter jumpers, pleasure horses, cutters, reiners, trail, barrel racers to endurance horses. Additionally, she has worked rehabilitating horses with a wide range of injuries.


Routines & Therapies

There are various therapies - each focuses on the cause of muscle injury to relieve pain and to prevent future injuries to those muscle groups. Depending on the use of your horse, different disciplines will put more or less stress on certain muscles. The contemporary horse is faced with demands for which their bodies were not designed – for example, they are not meant to carry loads upon their backs, they are not designed to jump nor are they designed to perform the continual, stressful movements of dressage. I will use different routines or a combination of routines with your horse, and can discuss their benefits with you. Each massage routine when used as part of a permanent, long-term program, is designed to help your horse achieve balance and to prevent injury.