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Exercise Therapy (Rehab)

Our Equine Exercise Therapy services include an Assessment of lameness issues, in house treatment, Consultation and referral to third party care as needed. 

Is your horse having issues you don't know how to treat or don't have the time to get it all corrected? Don't waste you or your Veterinarians time and money on treatments you could perform your self ,but don't quite have the knowledge or experience to do so.  Melanie will take your horse, do a complete assessment, find and treat any issues by in house treatments  and if the issue is outside her scope of practice. i.e....Veterinary, Chiropractic, Farrier, etc. she will put you on the right path to getting it corrected. Melanie has a huge network of trusted associates that she depends on daily for her own performance needs.

Melanie is an established and trusted equine Exercise Therapist and consultant who has worked with performance horses for over 20 years. She has a gift for discovering issues and getting to the root of the problem. Click here for more information about Exercise Therapy.

She specializes in equine rehabilitation, physical therapy, performance enhancement, and preventative care. She is also a rider and trainer that has experience in multiple disciplines and understands the physical demands and challenges are different for each horse. Her current clients range from upper level dressage to competitive hunter jumpers, pleasure horses, cutters, reiners, trail, barrel racers to endurance horses. Additionally, she has worked rehabilitating horses with a wide range of injuries.